Foolish Smarts & How to Lose Them: Post Production

The Kickstarter for "Foolish Smarts & How to Lose Them" post production.

Foolish Smarts and How to Lose Them

The Kickstarter Video for Foolish Smarts and how to Lose them. Coming Spring 2019.

A Bird Named Peter

When Happy's parents forget about her on their camping trip, she must journey through the woods to find them.

Wild and the Poster Child Trailer

The Trailer for "Wild and the Poster Child" Coming Spring 2018.

French Fries

A film about the dismissal of a teenage girl's feelings for a passion regarded as superfluous. And curly fries.

June Born in May

An incredibly squeamish girl, June, attempts to get the attention of her high school crush Caleb Michael, by signing up for the school blood drive he’s working at.